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Support Teams

Experienced Developers who are Familiar and Comfortable
with Modern Software Development Methodologies

To facilitate the initial cooperation with our customers, we provide experienced developers and architects for traditional engineering activities. They usually come in to boost the on-going development activities in the short-term and get to know our customers more intimately. After several months of close cooperation we are then able to make interesting proposals pertaining to a possible use of innovative modelling techniques and automation. Thanks to our network of contributors we can quickly provide highly-qualified implementation resources either on site in Switzerland or remotely in near-shore destinations in Europe.
Their availability for the next 3 months is listed below:


  • Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, GWT, ....
  • C++, QT, BOOST, ....
  • Javascript, AngularJS, React, Node.js, ...
  • C#, .NET, WCF,...

Earliest Availability

in approx. 8 weeks
in approx. 12 weeks
in approx. 8 weeks
in approx. 2 weeks

Collaboration on traditional implementation tasks leads to better mutual understanding.