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Integrate the End-User in the Development Process

Successful development projects rely on close collaboration between users and developers. Here, a common vocabulary helps tremendously. The analysis of the entire value chain of an organisation and the definition of a shared vocabulary are central aspects of our approach. We always work with subject-matter experts to uncover and formalise domain knowledge. Our model-oriented domain analysis for value-chain analysis leads to well-defined areas of knowledge that are aligned with the roles in the end-to-end development process. All results are incrementally refined and validated with relevant subject-matter experts, right down to the level of domain-specific work-product templates and terminology definitions. Subsequently, our experts use mature model-engineering tools to radically simplify product configuration and to increase the degree of automation in development. Time to market is substantially reduced, whilst users are continuously able to monitor the effects of their input.

We strive to formally preserve all valuable knowledge.