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The Key to Enterprise Data, Metadata and Model Management

Gmodel is a highly-customizable platform for the definition and management of data, metadata and models. It was designed from the ground up without reference to existing modelling paradigms or modelling languages. The Gmodel kernel provides a universally and recursively applicable module concept which completely shields the user from the technical details of implementation technologies like traditional databases, file systems and programming languages. It is open-source and can be extended in a shell-like manner with an arbitrary set of complementary domain-specific modelling languages. The implementation of this kernel is based on a small number of language elements that have their origin in model theory and denotational semantics and exploit proven mathematical theorems and transformations. Furthermore, the design of Gmodel guarantees that a large number of best practices for the construction of modular and scalable models are automatically enforced, not only by the kernel, but also by all the user-defined extensions of it. It also contains a scalable repository based on relational database technology. Thanks to its multilevel instantiation feature it can emulate any modelling standard that has a formal definition and therefore, integrate with almost any tool.

Gmodel stores real business knowledge in a machine-readable form.