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Modelling Languages

Proven Language Blueprints for Recurring Modelling Aspects

Having used domain-specific modelling since the inception of the company, we have accumulated a significant number of valuable language definitions that we store in our modelling platform Gmodel. They contain proven designs for specific functional and technical environments or domains. We adapt them to customer needs within a matter of weeks, agree on a particular notation with the users and configure corresponding editors. With our pre-defined modelling languages we create highly-customized power tools that are e.g. optimised for the following tasks:
  • Terminology management
  • Requirements management
  • Product family & release management
  • Design of pricing engines
  • Definition of organisations
  • Workflow modelling
  • User-interface development
  • Role-based access control
  • Object-oriented component modelling
  • Hardware component modelling
  • Type-system definition
  • Persistence and OO/RDBMS-mapping

With our modelling languages we jump-start development with expert knowledge.