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Insights from Daily Practice

At Sofismo we use our modelling experience not only for consulting services but also to develop and refine our own tools. In the past, we always missed important design aspects in the tools commercially available in the market. So we decided to implement new ones ourselves. Over the years, we built Gmodel, a complete platform for the administration of data, metadata and models. It started with a bootstrap process followed by a series of iterations where we used this platform to develop its own next release.
At the same time, we built our library of modelling languages. It consists of numerous metamodels (=language definitions), which represent the core knowledge gathered from our daily project work. They are modular, precise and complete representations of the concepts and relationships encountered in a particular domain. Together with Gmodel, these modelling languages enable us to define and develop complex and large systems directly with subject-matter experts.

Our tools and modelling languages integrate with Eclipse and can interface with any technology.

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