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Requirements Management

Manage Requirements Directly

Nowadays, most organisations have a defined process and a defined tool set for the management of requirements. However, in many cases, they actually manage a large set of files containing requirements described with varying degrees of formalism (e.g. UML class diagrams mixed with simple text). Often the relationship between the contents of theses files is only tracked with ad-hoc tools.
At Sofismo, on the other hand, we manage requirements directly: All requirements are model artefacts stored in our model repository Gmodel. Many important aspects of requirements management (e.g. impact-analysis, traceability, versioning, variant management, etc.) are integral features of Gmodel. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in modularisation concepts, Gmodel always presents artefacts to the user with an adequate and comfortable level of abtraction and granularity.

Instead of managing files with informal content, we manage formal modelling artefacts.