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Domain Analysis

Model-Oriented Domain Analysis − An Iterative Process

At the onset of collaboration with cutomers we identify a set of non-overlapping areas of knowledge that represent our customer's problem space, design a modelling language for each area and attempt to map concrete work products to model artefacts by investigating the customer's decision-making processes:
  • Who makes a decision?
  • When is the decision made?
  • Where (in which work product) is the decision stored?
  • What are the possible choices?
  • What heuristics apply?
  • How often does a decision require revision?
Following an iterative process, we disentangle overlapping model artefacts by successively adapting the definition of the modelling languages and revisiting the mapping process until the modelling languages can represent the work products without artefact overlap.

All our modelling languages use terminology the subject-matter experts are familiar with.