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Business Architecture

Unify All Modelling Paradigms Used in the Definition of Business Architectures

When modelling business architectures, companies often encounter several obstacles:
  • Even the most powerful tools cannot map all aspects of a real business.
  • Usually, one has to use a palette of different tools that are not integrated with each other.
  • Many tools can only be used by business experts after an inordinate amount of education.
  • Many aspects are still documented with normal text.
  • Often, the available formal models are only used for illustrative purposes and cannot be processed automatically.
With Gmodel, we provide a highly configurable modelling platform that can address these problems. It contains universal modelling concepts that are instantiated to define any set of domain-specific modelling languages. These languages are then used by subject-matter experts to express their intent and document their decisions. Since all languages are instances of the same universal modelling concepts, they integrate seamlessly with each other and form a modelling environment that can cover all business areas as well as all the technical architecture of a particular organization.

We model complete business architectures with one single, highly-configurable modelling platform.