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dienstleistungen Sofismo


Subject-Matter Experts Drive the Development of Products and Solutions

We systematically focus on aligning stakeholders, business executives and development teams:

a) Create unambiguous and efficient means of communication with

  • Model-oriented domain analysis    More  >>
  • Integrated modelling of business architectures    More  >>
  • Technology-independent capture of requirements    More  >>
  • Formal requirements management based on model artefacts    More  >>

b) Organise effective and reproducible implementation set-ups by

  • Using an enterprise repository for models, implementation artefacts and data    More  >>
  • Providing model blueprints for technical architectures    More  >>
  • Building facilities for the automatic production of downstream results    More  >>
  • Supplying support teams who are familiar with modelling    More  >>

For any given situation, we customise our offering and deliver an ideal combination of services and tools.